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Why and How punishBeccariaNecessity of punishment of crimes is necessary in the compact that when men agreed to live togetherMen are by nature selfseeking and motivated to gain all that they can from anotherPrimary purpose of punishment is to insure the continued existence of societyTo prevent the offender from doing new harm to others and to deter others from commit this same harmThe amount and nature of punishment inflicted against a transgressor should vary in proportion to the degree in which an act of an individual endangers the existence of societyThe more threatening the crime it to society the more severe the punishment THREE CATEGORIES OF CRIME represent different degrees of harm in societyo1 Crimes considered most dangerous to society Crimes that threaten the existence of all members of society ex crimes as high treason acts against the Stateo2 Crimes that injure the security and property of individualso3 Crimes that are disruptive to public peace and tranquility ex riotsPunishment should be prompt and inevitable Accused should be tried as fast as p
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