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Marxist CriminologyThe history of all existing society is the history of class struggleTrue or False Poor people commit the majority of crime in societyFalseSomeone who embezzles money or doesnt declare all of their taxes often receives a much more severe sentence than someone who steals 1500 worth of merchandiseFalseCanadians are 18 times more likely to be murdered than to die from a workrelated illness or injuryFalseWhy is white collar crime not seen as a ProblemNot a direct victimLaw and the conflict perspectiveLaws arent good for everybody but they are for people with moneyThe poor tend to be targetedThe law in both its codification and its application is not neutral but reflects the interest of and benefits the powerful segments of societyLaw and the consensus perspectiveThe law is the codification of dominant social values and its application functions to benefit the majorityLevel of Analysis Macro Approach oFocus on the large scale structures of societyCritical Theory oQuestions existing social arrangements Why is it that some groups in society are more likely to be labelled as criminalsSome behaviours in society are deemed deviant because people in power are said soKarl Marx 18181883Jewish heritage but converted to ChristianityMarginal social location Not concerned with the dangerous classes
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