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LECTURE 01June 17 20131Microsingle personINTRODUCTION TO THEORY1Small groups of individuals Gangs2Macrothe whole society1The societys role and function1NCRNot Criminally Responsible2The social structure1Insanity Plea US2Basis of society2Fact or fiction1Consensus or conflict1Crime is increasingFalse1Consensusholds the belief that everyone that we share the same 2Most people are victimized by strangersFalsemoral roles and interests 3Older people are more likely to be victimizedFalse1Most members will agree whats right and whats wrong4Poor people are much more likely to commit crime than middleclass people2All our laws and practices are equal among everyone within that TrueFalsesociety1All depends on age group gender and type of crime2Conflictholds the belief that social cohesion and equality is the cause 5Violent crime is more prevalent than property crimeFalseof social issues6Violent crime inflicts the most harm on people in societyTrueFalse1There is hierarchy among members of the society3Different Types of Knowledge2Believed their goal that everything be in favour of them and control 4Direct Experiencemarginal groups1Accepting knowledge based on your own experience1Marginal groups aboriginal visible monitories mentally ill and 5Authoritywomen 1Accepting knowledge given by the expert3Individuals6Higher Power1Active or passive1Accepting knowledge based on faith and availability of god2Activepeople are rational in control of making their own decisions7TheoryScience2They believed that the individual weighted the pro and cons1Accepting knowledge which is based on years experimentation3Passivepeople are use this force nature or nurture to make4Do we use theory in everyday lifedecisions4Yes we do 4Criminological nexus5Columbine High School Massacre1Theory research and policy4Music 2Theory5Gun culture3Research6Psychological 4Policy 7Environmental2Making assumption and suggestions based on theory research and policy8Negative role models9Kitty Genovese 193519649Game102 systems of reasoning EXAM QUESTION6Why do we have theories2Inductive method grounded theory4Theories is1ObserveAnalyzeExplanation theory1A hypothesis3Deductive method2An understanding1Explanation theoryTestVerifyRefute3An explanation11The ExperimentStanford County Prison4Simple2Is variable X a cause of variable Y5Complex3Independent variablethe one that get manipulated6Abstract4Dependent variablethe one that we measure 7Concrete5Prisons are often violent institution but does the prison setting itself play a part in 5Theory is notgenerating violence and disorder1The truth12The Correlation2The answer2Systematically measuring two or more variables and assessing the relationship 7What is theorybetween them4A particular way of looking at something3The purpose5A systematic and general attempt to explain something1How much one can be predicted by the other6Expresses the relationship between two or more phenomenon and the conditions 4Can be positive or negativeunder which it takes place1Positiveone goes up the other goes up2Negativeone goes up the other one goes down7Attempts to describe explain predict and ultimately to control some classes of events13Spurious correlation8Assumptions in criminological theory2An apparent but false relationship between 2 or more variables that is caused by some other variable third variable4Level of study1Micro or macro3A research study found that having a pet in childhood is correlated with a 2Late 16th Centuryreduced likelihood of becoming a juvenile delinquent Explain1Rev Samuel Parris1In order to get a dog you need money and the third variable could be the 2Titubaway you were raised by your parents33 Names2Your were busy keeping up with the dog instead of going out and getting 1Titubahigh1The maid14Something to think about2Sarah Good2Agree or disagree1Unattractive village hang1How many of you think that those who commit crimes must be bad people3Sarah OsbornDisagree1Older women argumentative scandalous15Crime and Deviance is related to3What to do with the witches2TimeWhat came acceptable at what given period3Asked the same questions3PlaceWhat came acceptable at one place over another4Questions1Are you a witch1Marriage smoking drinking buying and selling16Knowledge is context bound2Have they seen the Satan2Reality is socially constructed3If they were not witches then how could explain the young girl behaviours3No ultimate knowledge and all knowledge needs to be understood in the context 5All three of them were convicted and sentence to deathin which it arises4Salem Witch Trials1692 EXAM QUESTION4We must ask what was going on in their world at the time that would make this 3Exodus2218Thou shalt not suffer a witch to liveexplanation plausible4Now people become a believer that witches exists5Must consider5Lead to more signs of devil appearing1Political context6People begin pointing each other and accusing each other2Socioeconomic context7Total 3Intellectual context5Assumption of demonology4Personal context3The world is battlefield between supernatural forces of good and bad4Look for the cause and cure of deviant behaviour in the realm of supernaturalLECTURE 02June 19 20135The inquisitionINTRODUCTION TO THEORYTHE DEMONIC PERSPECTIVE6Heretics EXAM QUESTION1Anyone publicly display their belief that is strongly variance with the established beliefs and customs of the church1Then they would be corrected and if they dont accept the correct then 17Criterion for evaluating quality of theory2Testabilitythey are in violation of religious or traditional laws1Can it be tested and be proven2Contrary to Roman Catholic 2If not then is not a good theory7Deviancesin3It must have empirical data8Deviance has cosmic consequences3Logical soundness1Harmful to victims1Validity2God 2Does it measure what we want it to measure3The entire cosmos2Tautological reasoning6Two Path to demonic deviance EXAM QUESTION2Merton deviance is universal that it exists in all societies and that it 3Temptation modelserves an important role in social life 1The women gave adam the apple and he eat3Time order problemsevent that occurs after another event is assumed to 2Women said that she was deceived by the servanthave caused the first3The individual makes a conscious choice4Making sense out of two or more opposing facts4active model5Sensitizing ability4The possession model1Focus attention on new direction of inquiry1The individual body and mind was taken over by the devil6Scope2The individual cannot make conscious choice1Broad and simplistic3passive model7How to diagnose the handiwork of the devil3Trial by ordealTHE DEMONIC PERSPECTIVE1With Gods help we can sort out who is good and who is bad1Trephining4Trial by cold water1Drilling holes into the skull which lead to release the evil spirits from your head1If the individual would sink they were innocent1If you lived then you survived the spirits 2If the individual would not sink they were guilty2A lot of people died8The Trials
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