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CRM2307 AthJanuary 8 Introduction Discussion What does violence against women mean to you Where does this knowledge come from What are the implications for women or for menIntro to course The course will go beyond confined ideas of violence against women as only domestic violence and will look to themes of the diversity of women and their experiences intersectionality the overlapping of many systems of oppression For example gender race economic status religion etc It will look at the patriarchy which produces violence against women by men but it will also look at violence by other women Other themes will include the diversity within feminism foregrounding the voice of experience the context of womens experiences the public sphere power and resistance thJanuary 11 Part A FrameworkViolence against women as a social problemFeminismA campaign against gender inequalityand a movement for social economic cultural and political equality oSo it is critical of the status quo and eager for change
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