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CRM 2307 January 222013 ConceptsPowerResistance ChoiceWomen in Canada Acknowledging the difference Death of the sisterhood Intersections of privilege and disadvantage raceclasssex orientationTaking it apartAboriginal women violence power and resistance Womens socioeconomic locationIncomeEarn less non standard labour arrangements 95 employment Poverty19 of Canadian women live in povertyLabour force location70 of women in teaching health clerical sales and service Political246 of federal politicians Social RolesContinued gendered expectations of unpaid labour in homeBeauty ImperativeSocial costs financial costs personal costs Neither determined nor free Less economic capital Less able to affect change Political Economic Social Personal Ideologicalsocial knowledge Constraints and privilegesPolitical Capital Economic Capital Social Capital Personal CapitalIdeological social knowledge Conditions of possibilitywhat is doable what is thinkable ResistanceTactics strategies and practices persons employ to assert agency and contest the conditions andor implications of their positionRecognize that people resist to get away from Theoretical roots Foucaults power as a relationallyrealized negotiated dynamic Study of peoples struggles to further their interests and exercise agency within the context of the oppression and lack of choice that characterizes their situation
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