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Feb 812From Guest Lecture know Access to Justice grassroots key components of sexual assault center eg survivor basedFraming wife assault as a social problem is a recent issueoIt used to be accepted that men needed to control and discipline their wivesoBritish commonwealth made a rule that men could not beat their wives with a stick thicker than their thumb so some discipline is ok but dont go overboardIf it was not acceptedregulated somehow then it was largely ignoredWhatever happened in the home was outside the control of the stateIn the 1800searly 1900s discourse is about men and is associated with alcohol and drinking problemsoearly feminists often in favour of prohibitionWomen did get a measure of support especially a good woman modest good mother not promiscuous etcDuring WWII women entered the workforce and created a disruption of powerIn the 40s 50s 60s conversation turns to what is wrong with the womanoWhat is she doing to deserve being abusedoIf they stay well then they must like itoPhysical abuse was not considered grounds for divorceoPolice rarely laid chargesWomen fought back but they could not turn to the Criminal Justice SystemTypes of Wife Assault1Physical2Sexual 3PsychologicalEmotionaloWears the victim downoSeen as a primer for physical abuseAccusations of infidelity
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