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Criminalized WomenWomen the embodiment of health and carceral space Isolating health and healthcare use from the experience of condiment and ones relation to the body runs the risk of robbing these phenomena of their complexityThe emerging links between the body and crimethe body as a site of explanation of deviance thmarginality and criminalityemerged well before the 19 centuryThe body is caught up in a system of contrasting and privations obligations and prohibitions Physical pain the pain of the body itself is no longer the constituent element of the penalty From being an art of unbearable sensations punishment has become an economy of suspended rightsmust analyze punishment as a comples social function as a political tactic for the body is invested trained and markedThe processing of women images involved degradation ceremonies which produced rediginition if not loss of identityWomen are stripped of their identities as relatively autonomous subjectsThe mechanisms by which his is achieved include among other having to undress in front of strangers and being disinfected in the showerhumiliationPrisoners feel as if they are treated as lepersThis institutionalized violence highlights how victimization might be linked to the process of criminalizationAt least 2 of federal prisoners men and women included are known to be HIVpositive which is more than 20 times higher than the general populations rateThe most common types of medications used by federal women inmates prescription and OTC medications included are psychotropics 42 nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs 34 peptic ulcer therapy 23 asthma treatment 21 and allergy treatment 18as a partial explanation to those utilization trends we must remember that detention not only directly influences health it also increases attention to health and the selfThe culture of toughness inside the walla seems to be counterbalanced by an intense concern for health and wellbeingThe need for psychotropic drugs accelerates the passage of time and decreases the anxiety create d by confinement Health for incarcerated women evolved as an abstract concept adjudicated by powerful othershealth was only possible through the protection of others and integrally connected with the idea of punishment Less eligibility the principle of dissuasion which rests on the assumption that because they broke the law prisoners should not have access to the same amount and quality of care as the rest of the citizensA patient in a carceral setting will always remain a prisoners first Decrutching when a prisoners comes in with drugs secreted in her vagina and other inmates pin her down to remove those drugs with any available toolClinical space becomes a space for validation where women feel they can be themselves and be listed to and learn about who they are Power is not just about submission it also entails resistanceVarious strategies particularly tied to the body the body imaged and health are deployed in
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