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Wednesday November1611Week 9Proposing an Alternative Restorative JusticeToward Restorative And Community Justice Braswell Fuller Lozoff 2001Community justice as practiced by the restorative justice movement cannot be called a new phenomenon but rather a return to the days when conflicts were resolved at the level of the family clan group and communityThe emphasis of community justice is not on the punishment of the offender and victim but on restoring the relationship between the offender and victim as well as on maintaining an order and social and moral balance in the community At the Heart of the Dissatisfaction with the CJS are Two Issues1The current CJS does not work very well2The failure of the CJS to change criminal behaviour of the prisoner Underlying Principles of RJ1Crime is primarily an offence against human relationships and secondarily a violation of law2Restorative justice recognizes that crime is wrong and should not occur
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