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CRM 3303 - lecture notes - february fifth.docx

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University of Ottawa

CRM 3303Individual Intervention NotesFebruary 2013 midtermno questions specifically on the readingsAll counselling in a instutional setting are done in groups very rarely work with just one individual Both good and bad things about this Some people will talk some people will try and stay concealed therefore you have to try and balance or redirect individuals who talk too much and bring individuals who dont talk into the group and help them feel welcome and part of the process group setting can re create earlier dynamics at the family or school level people who take space in groups sometimes are people who have taken space in school and family there should be some form of screening not everyone is appropriate for group work there needs to be proper preparation of the group itself need individual interviews with group members initial meeting with group members all together talking about rules itenarary and imfornmation about the setting Need a purpose for the group inquiring some specific skill set dealing with some problem problem solving or coping skills should not be set up on legal criteria such as a group of depressed people or a group of sex offenders this label doesnt always link straight to psycohological characteristscs usually one or two leader therapists in a group setting why might it work better in some cases is the idea that criminality is social in nature not always individual deficits in people but rather a result of some social relationship or structure Dont want to just change the person what to change the relationship must watch for hierarchy of the group with is representative of the nature of social life inside the institution Can be effective in confronting the resistance easier to comfront when some of group memebrs are on board with the process types of groupsexam need to differentiate between different types of groups might ask to describe a group formatthe program what theyre doing and what objectives they have and ask what type of group it is1 Process group process is relational has to do with interactions Interactions with inmates and populations group members and interactions between group members and the group leader Group members will interact with eachother to meet certain needs and they will interact with the leader for other purposes
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