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Generally policy implications in criminology are established with the intent to increase the means of crime control when referring to left realism the goals seem to be different The goal of left realism in social policy implementation is not to take action with looking for outcomes to control crime but rather to reduce the conditions that may give rise to crimeWhiteHaines 2004 pg200 For example social policy implications of conservative criminology perspective are to be more punitive through tougher sanctions and sentences with the hope that it will deter people from partaking in criminal behaviour Whereas left realism principles of action surround the idea of trying to encourage community based interventions with the intention to educate about the risks of crime that way the issue is attended to at its roots In order to reduce the conditions to the rise of crime there needs to be social policies implemented that has the purpose of involving the community while providing programs that encourage equality involvement and promise Left realism states that most crime occurs within intraclass situation so people are partaking in criminal behaviour that is directed towards individuals of their own social class the best way to tackle this is through community participation and community corrections This way restitution can be paid towards the victims and its community while repairing the relationships of offender and community to reduce the further risk of crime occurring this is a policy implication implemented through left realist ideologies White et al 2004 pg 202 A key policy implication established by left realism is the use of empirical data to base social policy on The method of victimization surveys involves the community in an attempt to receive feedback on what the actual causes and solutions may be to reduce the risk of crime in communities Victimization surveys have brought rise to the dissatisfaction of policing in communities that have high crime rates Policy implications of left realism have resulted in minimal effort of
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