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CM 3305ASputnick world becomes smaller surveillance Police officers are everywhere on the ground can access insurance and the information they have Surveillance began by the state state controls surveillanceUs Facebook Police vs us in regards to surveillance January 142013How do we control each otherSocial control 2 main ones formal and informal Social control is used to control the public Why do we need to be controlled Formal police lawsInformal fashion control our fiendsfamily by a disapproving look guilt ridicule stigmatizeMedia can stigmatize through social controlWhy are we tryig to control them Because we are associated with them we care how they are perceived Freedoms in our countrySpeechMovementAssociationPolitical rights voteReligionPeaceful assemblySecure against unreasonable search or seizureCopy of the CharterPolice officers do not have any innate power or more power than a civilian in Canada Jan 17thThe StatestPolis comes from Greece 1 states greek city states start to see the creation of democratic societyPolicing a democratic societyPolicing ourselvesFear of policingHow do we balance police protection of society with individual rightsoThe problem Jack Bauer Peeles first principle stated that the police institution should not be seen as a military force it is in direct opposition of a military force the default model of policing is the military model When policing gets bad we revert back to the militaryWe do not use the military to police its own citizensHow do we take an institution that is inherently punitive aggressive and not know for its society and put it into a society where there are all sorts of freedom Peeles other principle be of good humour able to talk to themThe Charterand PolicingHave rights until we violate someone elses rightsPolicing is inherently corruptoWhen we llook at border guards take bribes to let in drugstemptation is thereHabeus corpus the body of evidence in latinEvery one has the right not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual treatment or punishmentoPost 911oTorture scenario 4951 Arrest without a warrant by peace officer Defining an arrestoLegally arrested occurs when an individual is deprived of his her luiberty by legal authority and is placed under arrest or simply taken into custody A police offiver must have the intent to arrest must communicate that intent to the person and must actually take the person into custody
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