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HistoryCarson 2007 ConventionalizationLabeling theoryAcceptance by custom rather than as in the more familiar weberian sense the deployment of sanctions in support of customary rules 2laws werent upheld because the responsibility rested with the justices of the peace sometimes competitors would send in spies to check but people wouldnt rat them outhard to separate conventionalisminfluencing inspectors to not push the illThe Logic of EnforcementLiberal economy had competitors threatening the government to enforce the law on other factoriesProblems of enforcementdidnt want low productivity and inefficient labour management not key to loss of profit competition wasso many breaking the law it was hard to get them alldifficulty in devising adequate means of checking on the operations of a mill during time between the visits made by the inspector or as was more often the case by their superintendentstwo sides of criminal responsibility1 better to pay the fine then obey the law2 the workman wants the pay therefore the want the work and hard labourTowards Resolution and ConventionalizationGiving warningsConclusiondevelopment of factory legislation from the earliest phase of virtually complete regulatory inertia to the formative stagecontemporary factory crime remains conventional and is rarely thought of as real crime and is only rarely prosecutedGlasbeek 2002an illassorted trioInvestors taking more risksmore creative uses of talents and resourcesSome investors need to know each other others dontlimited liabilityworking through synergies obtained by the creation of a separate legal person responsible for its own acts those who contribute capital to that corporation in order to profit from its business activities corporate law provides incentives for more investment contracting out work because its cheaperCapitalisms central projectadvancement of wealth accumulationhiding political aspects and masquerading as economic regimeThe Market and Its Justifications for Greed and Inequalityindividuals use personal resources and talents to the best of our abilities to meet the demands of all the other individuals who as individuals decide what they want and needmeeting different wants and needs if certain wants and needs are already filledCompetition will naturally produce winners and loserswealth by the fewThe Market and the PublicPrivate PoliticalEconomic Distinctionspeople ignoring the fact that inequality is historical and that not everyone starts off in the market at the same placeliberalism does not demand that governments guarantee citizens substantive equality continues to countenance the egregious inequality that stems from the disparity in the ownership of resourcesPoliticians Capitalism and the Market Modellersgovernments wanting to be elected on the basis that they cant control because liberalism takes care of itSnider The struggle to Secure Legal RegulationIntroIndustrial Revolutionsocial controlsystem build to reward certain behaviourswrapping your head around the idea that there were very few regulations less than 100 years agosays that they didnt have much social control as we have todayHistory of Attempts to Control Corporate Crimebuisnessmen and capitalism and liberalismthey were nation builders who had the same ideasPassenger actsminimum standards of sanitation and space for companiesPage 6 and 7why some companies might like regulations because it comes off as being socially responsible while not hurting profit and it also kills smaller businesses
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