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Shoshana Magnet

Mid-Term Exam Questions: Mid-terms will be written in class at 5:30 on October 7. The exam will be held in VNR 1095. You are allowed to bring in one page with 10 words on it (no more, only 10 words) to help you answer the questions. Some of the questions below will be tested on the official mid-term. You will not know which questions are being tested when you come in and write the test. Feel free to work with others puzzling out the answers to these questions, although you will each want to have your own answer and be able to answer in your own words on the day of the mid-term. There is no perfect number of words (wordcount) with which to answer these questions. You may answer in sentences or point-form. 1) In your own words, define racialization and criminalization. Why do we use these words rather than race and crime? Give an example of each. (/3) 2) In your own words, define social construction. How is it relevant to criminalization? (/2) 3) In your own words, name and define the spectrum of systemic forms of discrimination we have spoken about in this class. (/3) 4) What is a head tax, and how is it connected to racism? (/2) 5) Race is both an “empty category and one of the most destructive and powerful forms of social categorization” (Toni Morrison, Race-ing Justice, En-Gendering Power, 1992). Discuss in relation to course content. Give an example from course material. (/2) 6) How are “blood” and “race” different from one another – and what are the implications of this difference for Canadian policy? (/2) 7) What is the role
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