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CRM 1301 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: The Burning Times, Mccarthyism, Market Economy

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CRM 1301
Deborah Landry
Study Guide

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010
The Burning times:
What factors emerged in tandem with the witch hunts?
Trade expansion peasant lands taken
The Black Plague 1300s (Black death) 200 yrs of epidemics
Women’s vs. Men’s mortality
Rise of medicine 1400s
1486 Malleus Maleficarum -
Emergence of Capitalism (profit ethic) “it became a business”; had to keep
records, pay someone to make the witch go to trial etc.
Modern Witch Hunts?
McCarthyism (1920/1940-50s)
Dark Age of Quebec (1920-30s) fear of communism
Japanese Internment (1940s)
War on Drugs (1970s/1980s)
War on Terror (2000s)
War on Crime?
The Upper Middle Ages
1300s: church & secular struggle for power
Expansion of townships:
More attractive lifestyle
Burghers - live in cities
Merchants, traders, beggars
Material wealth in terms of individs
Market economy sell things and have money, therefore individs
could have wealth, not just royalty
Cities had walls around them
Townships would go into war
Magna Carta 1215
Foundation of:
English Constitution & Parliament
1642 English Civil War didn’t get used much til after
Individ rights:
Jury again bringing more power to individs
Prosecution w/o cause
Without delay
Evidence (witness)
“Separating” power diffusing power of judge, king, church
Less central power and shifting power to ppl
*****Section 38, 39, 40 know the rights outlined in each******
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