CRM 2301 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Ernest Burgess, Symbolic Interactionism, Franz Boas

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Theory meets two criteria: (1) the use of objective evidence and systematic observation (2) a rational explanation of that evidence. Theories about the effect of social structure on crime rates are abstract. Theories allow us to develop and test potential solutions to problems we encounter in life. Theories explain how two or more events are related to each other and how the conditions under which the relationship takes place. Systematic observation: observation made through the use of certain rules. A good theory: one that can be tested and that best fits the evidence of research. Popularity is an indicator of a good theory. Most theories use a system of three basic types of theories: biological, psychological, social. *theory research policy (linear model with feedback between the research and the theory) Unit theories: emphasize a particular problem and make testable assertions of that problem. Metatheories: rarely testable and best viewed as ways of looking and interpreting reality.

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