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CRM 2309 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Tim Hortons, Hand Sanitizer, Xerostomia

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CRM 2309
Erin Mc Cuaig
Study Guide

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CRM2309 Midterm 2 Review (Condensed)
Women Prisoners and Pregnancy
- Controversy around shackling a woman going into labour
o Violation of 8th amendment
- Sentences are typically non-violent (sex/drug trade, theft, etc.)
- What kinds of challenges to pregnant women come to prison with?
o Abuse Sexual assault, domestic violence
o Substance Abuse
o Mental Illness Segregation, increase in # of prisoners with mental illness
o Poor Overall Health Malutritio, drug use, dotors’ isits
o Poor Prenatal Care Housing situation, access to prenatal drugs
- Course of Action for Women Going into Labour
o Possible shackling
o Typically taken away within 24 hours, woman returns to jail
o Male guard outside or in the room
La ad order
o Typically do not have a lot of support
- Baby usually goes into foster care if community assessment does not check out
- Doula Informal person of needed support, provides information/coaching/social
o Reduced length of labour and pain meds, less C-sections
o 1 visit pre-birth, expectations, concerns, education, visit during labour, written
birthing story
- Six Themes from Narrative of Women (Name Two and Speak to Them) **
o Addiction and Pregnancy
Did’t start usig he the foud out the ere pregat
Were for an extended period of time
Attempted to get clean, eat better
Access to safe detox is challenging
o Pregnancy and Birth as an Inmate
Still looked at as a criminal
Women claimed they were hungry (no provisions for extra food)
Exposed to toxins such as cleaning chemicals
Quality of air
Exposed to ticks
Some inmates were helpful (would look out for their well-being)
Crediilit he ou eed assistae I’ eperieig pai
Women found reduction of drug use to be difficult (drugs prominent in
prison, other inmates pressuring them)
o Plans for Release/Hopes for The Future
Still had hope for when they got out (what they wanted to accomplish)
Opportunity to change
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