CRM 3307 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Murder Of Reena Virk, Atavism, Aileen Wuornos

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High rates of imprisonment of women are a result of policies, which are archaic. More mandatory min sentences big focus on drug related offences (possession of marijuana) concern of poverty: mandatory min sentence does not deter crime. Concern regarding classifications, often placed into of solitary confinement. Critical feminist criminologist: programs are not addressing practical realities that are sending women into prison. Ashley smith: fourteen-year-old placed in a youth facility for one month in 2003 after throwing crab apples at the mailman, suicide in jail. Walter dekeseredy (2009) female crime: theoretical perspectives women and criminal justice system, a canadian perspective pg. Street crime, conjugal violence, genocide, white collar/corporate: genocide to terrorism; the product mostly of men, violent crime exceeds women. Question of masculinity exaggerated form of masculinity. Corporate crimes crimes of the powerful are usually male dominated. Usually white males have the high paying jobs: mediatized cases for men. Massacre in virginia polytechnic institute, montreal dawson.

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