ECH 1100 Study Guide - Comprehensive Midterm Guide: Nuclear Arms Race, Cuban Missile Crisis, Mutual Assured Destruction

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From mid 40-50 system of alliances in europe in a bipolar system. Arms race (deterrence and mad) (thee major trends of the conflict within the cold war) Nuclear bombs: any engagement within the war was fought with nuclear weapons. Intercontinental missiles: multi-power alliances within the war, an entire side the west fought the east. The alliances in europe are not stable (berline) soviet power makes hydrogen bomb, creating a mutual assured destruction. 1960 soviet union developments intercontinental missiles, before that the us was the only nation that was ahead of the arms race in the 1950. Conflict cannot be brought to the final war, after 1945, the international system was changing, international war was changing, they were not fighting directly, instead they were fighting proxy wars. Moving from interstate conflict to intra state conflict. Us fights wars in latin america and asia (vietnam war) Soviet union fights a 10 year war with afghanistan.

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