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University of Ottawa

ECO2117C Introduction to the Economics of Developing CountriesSecond Midterm examination March 25th 2010University of Ottawa Time Allowed 120 minutesYou must answer questions according to the materials taught in this course Read the questions carefully before answering Be wise with your time QUESTIONNAIRE A Section A 20 points MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 2 points each20 Minutes1Which of the following statements is not true about the age structure and dependency burdens of developing countries aPopulation is very youthful and youth dependency ratio is very highbPopulation is very youthful but youth dependency ratio is very lowcThe phenomenon of youth dependency ratio leads to an important concept called the hidden momentum of population growthdThe workforce age group age 15 to 64 in developed countries support less people than that of developing countries2Population growth is argued by some to be desirable Which of the following is an economic argumentaThere is any need to protect currently under populated border regions against the expansionist intentions of neighboring nationsbThere are ethnic racial and religious groups in developing countries that favour large familycMilitary and political powers are often dependent on large and youthful populationdLarge population provide the needed consumer demand to generate favorable economies of scale in production3Which of the following statements is true about the urban informal sector in developing countriesaThe urban informal sector is linked to the rural sector because it allows excess labor to escape from extreme poverty and underdevelopmentbThe informal sector in the urban area depends on the formal sector but the formal sector does not depend on the informal sectorcThe informalsector incomes are persistently higher than those in the poorest rural regions1
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