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Lecture on Cause and Effect FormatOctober 12 2010What is Cause and EffectIn this portion of the course we are interested in identifying reasons for or consequences of Cause and Effect or Causal Analysis is a rhetorical pattern based on these aspects1The writer attempts to analyze the reasons that led to something such as an event or decision or2Attempts to analyze its possible consequences or3Sometimes both but you want to avoid that for the purposes of this courseThe Purpose of Cause and EffectCausal analysis answers one of two questions1What are the causes of S or2What are the effects of S where S signifies the event or decisionTo write an effective causal analysis you mustBe honest and objective in your investigation what does the researchbackground information sayAnalyze complex ideas in order to distinguish between the remote and the immediatestoEx Reason for 1 World WarFranz Ferdinand got shot Therefor e world went to warNot be swayed by your initial biases and prejudicesoEx the reason for a given workers strike is greed and laziness without exploring the demands and conditions of the actual eventNot oversimplify exthe reason for violence in society is caused by all the violence on TVBe aware that an event can be triggered by a complex variety of thingsNever mistake coincidence for causationUltimately selecting your focus and scope is very important for this exercise and style of writingThe Technique of Cause and Effect
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