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Final Report ProposalEnglish 1112 FProfessor Lynda MorrisseyNameBaies HaqaniStudent Number 6876339DateFebruary 28 2013TitleThe misconceptions of joggingResearch StatementDo the benefits of jogging outweigh the potential damage to joints and tissue over time BackgroundEpidemics that modern society has faced have caused misconceptions on how we interact with the environment our thoughts on healthy living and the attainment of health Jogging a seemingly harmless sport has faced such a misconception and has endured criticism over many years The effects of jogging have been studied by Dr Schnohr His studies which date back to 1969 once placed emphasis on jogging being a killer This idea came about whenhe helped organize the first Eremitagelob a popular annual fun run in Copenhagen A seemingly fun run was followed by headlines because a 46yearold man collapsed with heart problems and died Ebdrup 2012 Throughout most of the decade jogging received bad press and sparked research that was dedicated to the beneficial and harmful effects associated with jogging Three stand a half decades later entering the 21 century research disproved the negative connotation that jogging was harmful and managed to prove that it was quite on the contrary Jogging yields major effects in the body including increase in vascularization establishes a better delivery of nutrients and oxygen to muscles Increased mitochondrial activity in muscle cells increase enzyme activity in metabolic pathways increase use of fats o
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