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10 INTRODUCTION11 Purpose of the ReportThis report analyze the feasibility of two career choices Pharmacy and Medicine The purpose of this report is to see both careers outcome as a profession It analyze and help an individual to see how both careers are related It shows that both careers are demanding and take lot of effort The analyzing will show that there is a lot of opportunities in both of these careers and all the effort given for any of those choices will be worthwhile Purpose of these report is to collect all the required information about these careers and analyze them for convenience of preparation This report fulfills the requirement of a guide for these two career choices and path to achieve a bright future12 Background of the ReportThe two career choice analyzed in this report are most preferred by myself I had considered thses two options since I was in grade seven Both of these careers have two common things that there is lot of respect and they both are related to help the community Health care in Canada has always been at its best to serve the community and make this country a healthier and safer Government of Canada has always recruited work force very wisely for health care These two career choice always gives lot of perks such as very high paying jobs different work opportunities and a lot of interaction with community directlyThese pictures below shows the respect of the both profession when they are helping their patients It also Shows the direct interaction with the communityFig 1 Helping Hand of Doctor 1Fig 2 Pharmacists Educating 213 Scope of the ReportThis report provides all the essential information to step into any of these two careers It will show the admission requirements necessary for medical and pharmacy school It will give details about the entrance exam such as Medical College Admission Test MCAT and Pharmacy College Admission Test PCAT This report will show different work environments and what are the infinite possibilities in these potential careers This report has information about all the career aspects in medicine and pharmacy This report contains information about Canadian schools for pharmacy and medicine It also shows the tuition fees for an year in medicine in different medical schools around Canada1
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