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University of Ottawa
Denise Fidia

ENG 1120 FINAL EXAMS Overview 3 Sections st 1ndection literary terms: give a definition; exemplify your definition, (no need to cite MLA style) 2 section, passage identification and analysis: given direct quotes, student identifies where the quote is from (last name and title of book), why is this passage significant, [passages mentioned in class will probably appear in the test] rd 3 section: essay response FINAL EXAM Written in ink Suggested time allotment Section I- 40 min Section II-50 min Section III-60-90 min Section I: Define 10 out of 18 literary terms, but you can draw on stories more than once [entire course] Section II: Identify author and title 6/10 choices [covers novel and second section course] Section III: The usual essay, try to be less general and more specific in essay, with support of evidence. [Essay question will cover entire course][Usage of three literary works for essay] Elements: 1. Plot exposition (introduction of characters, settings etc.), Rising action, climax, falling action, denouement 2. Setting 3. Narrative point of view  first person, third person omniscient, third person limited 4. Character/Characterization 5. Theme vs. Sub
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