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Short story elements ParableAn allegorical story that is meant to teach a lessonPlot A sequence of incidents arranged in dramatic order Episodic plothappens over a long period of time many eventseg LifetimeIn media resStory starts in the middle of eventsUnified plotCauseeffectArchetypal plotDeath rebirth mythSettingTime atmosphere place taking placeLiminal spaceMarginalized space where characters stand at the threshold between their previous way of structuring their identity time or community and a new way which the ritual establishesCharacters ProtagonistMain characterusually an antiheroAntagonistCharacter in conflict with protagonistFlat characterLittle descriptionRound CharacterLots of detailStock characterRepresents a stereotypeimageeg BestfriendStatic characterStays the same the entire storyDynamic characterIs affected by the events of the story CHANGESArchetypal scapegoatPerson or animal used in a purification rite as an offering by primitive agricultural societies or person blamed for all of a societies wrong doingsInterior monologueThoughts that a character puts into the authors wordsStream of consciousnessJumbled thoughtsConflictsMan VS Man Man VS Technology Man VS Self Man VS EnvironmentPoint of viewVoice of authority1st personMe I3rd PersonHesheTotalAll knowingLimitedSelectiveOnly knows a few thingsDiasporic VoiceVoice of minorityChildren narrators are not to be trustedExtended metaphorComparison between two unlike things whose full aspects are compared through a series of sentences or paragraphsConceit metaphorExtended metaphor with a complex logic
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