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ENG FINAL REVIEWSummaries of TextsPride and Prejudice Jane AustenCharles Bingley young and wealthy has rented the manor of Netherfield Park causes a great stir in the nearby village of Longbourn especially in the Bennet household 5 daughtersJane Elizabeth Mary Kitty and LydiaWants them all marriedBingley is interested in Jane but close friend Mr Darcy refuses to dance with Elizabeth arrogant rude obnoxiousbut begins to find her more attracted and JBingleys friendship grows alsoShe gets sick on the way to his houseElizabeth hikes through muddy fields and arrives with a spattered dress much to the disdain of the snobbish Miss Bingley Charles Bingleys sister Miss Bingleys spite only increases when she notices that Darcy whom she is pursuing pays quite a bit of attention to ElizabethElizabeth and Jane returnMr Collins Going to inherit Bennets property is visiting their house Proposes to Elizabeth shortly afterShe says no Hurts his pride Militia officers are in townWickham handsome youngfriendly to Elizabeth Bingleys and Darcy leave Netherfield and return to LondonMr Collins has become engaged to Charlotte Lucas Elizabeths best friend and the poor daughter of a local knightShes getting older and needs to be financially supported by himIn the spring Elizabeth visits Charlottelives near Lady Catherine Darcys auntDarcy calls on Lady Catherine and encounters Elizabeth leads him to visit the Collins Where shes stayingProposes to Elizabeth and she refusestells Darcy she thinks hes arrogant and unpleasant then scolds him for steering Bingley away from Jane and disinheriting WickhamDarcy leaves and sends her a letteradmits that he urged Bingley to distance himself from Jane but claims he did so only because their romance isnt serious and Wickham is a liarElizabeth reevaluates her feelings about Darcy returns home and acts coldly toward WickhamThe militia is leaving town Lydia spends the summer with an old colonel in Brighton where Wickhams regiment will be stationedE goes on another journey this time with the Gardiners relatives of the Bennetsis around Darcys estate PemberleyDarcy arrives and behaves cordially toward her no mention of proposal entertains Gardiners and invites Elizabeth to meet his sisterLetter arrives from home telling Elizabeth that Lydia has eloped with Wickham and that the couple is nowhere to be found may be living together out of wedlockE feels fear of disgrace so goes home
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