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TermsConceptsFiction based on fictional events or events that havent happened no intent to sound believable not factually accurateModern Short Story uses elements carefully crafted art controlled plot well developed realistic characters came from early forms of short fiction fablesfairytalesHermeneutics the art of interpreting and making sense of written text going from the surface level to different levels of textRationalism came from the age of enlightenment makes sense of things in a scientific way through human reason distrusts emotionsRomanticism backlash against control and rationalism values emotional force subjective intuitive instinctive human self and focuses on selfAllegory the first level of symbolic meaning you can understand literalface value codes the moralGothic Romance romance narrative turned dark scary settings demented villain supernatural forcesUncanny something familiar made frightening or strange dj vu the return of the repressedNarration whos telling the storythird person objective narrator larger viewpoint being exposed first person character in the story considered biasJuxtaposition putting things side by side to heighten similarities or contrasts allows the reader to pay attention moreRealism interest in or concern for the real or actual tendency to view things as they really areNaturalism a representation of natural patterns mannersspeech in a piece of fiction technique of treating subject matter presenting a deterministic view of human life and actionsEpiphany a sudden insight into the meaning of something usually initiated by a simple homely or commonplace experienceQuest Story focuses on a journey featuring physical mental and emotional challenges with a special destination or goal often symbolizes an internal process of growthFree Indirect Discourse narrator pulls from third person to first personback to third person shows the difference between the characters thoughts and whats being said about herIrony intending an attitude completely different as to whats openly stated used to indicate detachment from a subject or emotionInitiation Story a character first learns a significant truth about reality the protagonist begins innocent then led to a moment of illumination often negative
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