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University of Ottawa
Jeanie Warnock

Final Exam Notes December1711 1020 AM 1 Definitions 1 mark for the definition 2 marks for illustration explanation of definition 30 marks2 Identification and significance of quotations both novels and the stories after the midterm 30 mark 3 Essay questionsdont be broad or fluffybe specific and compare or contrast texts68 paragraphsEnglish Literary TermsPlotis the movement of the story which provides tension build upcentered upon changesdevelopment of characters and conflictsObstacles and Conflictscan range from physical obstructions and challenges to emotion andpsychological delays confusion and conflictClimaxmovement of great intensity in development of storypointwhich authors meaning is often most clear Denoument final resolution of the plot and of the tension caused by the events of the story the untying conflicts resolved questions and motivations explained Round Charactercharacter with psychological depth and complexity inner temperament is conveyedexplored through the narration of the storytheir motivation for action and behaviour seems plausibleway of creating round character one whose motivations are plausible d we at least partiallyunderstandthrough their behaviour actions dialogue thought beliefs and value systemsconsidering the settings Flat charactera character who has or is given no inner complexity Dynamic character character who changes grows or develops across the course of the storyheshe is altered by events of the storyarrives at an increased selfunderstanding and awareness altered in perceptions or beliefs by theevent of the story Static charactercharacter whose outlook on the worldself does not changesame perceptions beliefs temperament at the beginning and endMotivationreason or basis for a characters actionsmotivation maybe conveyed through thoughts behaviour dialogue or by the narratorscomments or perception of events characters behaviour cant appear too inconsistent or erratic or character wont seem plausibleEpiphanysudden moment of profound intense insight selfdiscovery or revelation that transforms oralters ones life or understandingof self the insight is often linked to or inspired by the divineeg A spiritual transformation or revelationor spiritually guided insight that transforms how we view ourselves or our world Unconscious part of self which is unknown to us and which houses our repressed longings desires andfearswhatever is unacceptable to ourselves and our society and so is denied conscious acknowledgement Projectionproject or displace anxiety or fears or emotions which cannot be consciously acknowledgedor accepted on to someone or something elsethe other eg The blind who becomes arepository for or a representative of feelingsand weaknesses which one cant accept in oneself
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