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January 15 2014 Fairy TalesWhat is the theme of a fairy tale What is the fairy tale hero How do we distinguish a fairy tale from another genreIt is not primarily concerned with the activities of the characters involved Heroes may be lazy but events unfold in a way that the hero is rewarded Displays a positive universe although negative things can and will happen but ultimately things will work outOften have a comedic structure they end happilyCan end in marriage which can symbolically suggest the rebirth of society The structures are ancient and carry a number of elemental assumptions about society that are in some ways problematic to usheterosexual couples which produce children and the continuations of society itselfIf order isnt reestablished at the end the society ends The original audience for these stories would have been adults and children whereas now it is mainly children fairy tales determine the structure of childrens literature They are sexist but this doesnt mean they dont have value we just need to be critical of them Look for the value more criticallythey are definitely suggesting that the proper course for men and women is traditional marriage which is connected to traditional gender roles Villains witches use perverted tools of domestic work as weaponscomb sewing needles domesticity and beauty cosmetics ie Hanzel and Gretel Witch makes Gretel perform housework and such in a way of slaveryWomen are shown as passive submissive desirablemodesty shyness Situations where these characters are rendered helpless and completely passivemay fall asleep appear to be dead They become less characters and more objects objects of art or statues Double enchantment two primary moments of magical intervention The first is a negative intervention some form of curse or burden creating a situation of limitation or imprisonment creating a negative situation that does harm This is followed by some form of positive release of enchantment that occurs Chaos enters the story things are over turn the natural order of things is disrupted By the end of the story we are shown a positive enchantment that restores order usually ending with a marriage It is essential that you can tell good from evil beautiful and good ugly and evil Truth is beauty beauty truth
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