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Have moved into crime fiction Have shifted from plot driven themes to character analysis They have to be more realistic Tv influenced fiction and refocused it on the police force Its also a lot harder to believe in todays society that private detectives could get away with what theyre doing Started with a lot of other novels Starts with the psychological suspense novels Since novels follow more on character analysis we get to know the suspect very early on Moves beyond what the detective novels focused on who the criminal was to bringing the criminal to justice and how he did it Dont really get a backstory Whodunnit and private eye novels are eliminated theyre still out there but the main is crime fictionHow would to explain the four main erasVictorian era the intellectual game of it all the detective BritishWhodunnit the drawing room mystery Edwardian period a comedy of manners very interesting characters Sometimes the puzzles are very unlikely BritishHardboiled crime detectives first point where we see detectives who are frequently at odds with the police breaking the law the american genreOut of everywhere we get the crime novel A lot of it is from the cold war spies James Bond People are interested in this private eye thriller approach to things Courtroom dramas The genre has fragmented overall its crime fiction Some things like Bond isnt in that The police investigation themes are much stronger now Earlier people didnt want to hear about the police they didnt want the police to be the heroes Doesnt always have to be the hardboiled big city but can be the procedures Forensics Its about laywork no mor
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