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January 25 2013IshtarIsis Goddess of Fertility Gates to Babylon huge gates name of Babylon meaning gates of the Gods she has the most dominate gate into the biggest city very important her stories into the underworld is intense many of stories associated with Ishtar the great mother the good goddess not just this mother earth fertility figure also associated with grain insures that the rains fall so that the corn can grow she is also a war Goddess you need her on your side if youre going to war The relationship between Ishtar and the god Tammuz vegetation god representation of growing corn handsome young man who enters in a sacred marriage with Ishtar and who dies and is sacrificed every year constant rebirth of Tammuz is needed of Ishtar very important for the people the death every year of what appears to be fertility with the changing of seasons With all these legends you see this tension involved in whether things will grow again whether spring will come back Ishtars temples like with Gilgamesh getting Harlotnamed Shamhat but not in our version the priestesses are prostitutesnot shameful as an expression of Ishtar goddess of love and reproduction part of their cult worship the high priestess would partake in a sacred marriage who is then sacrificed Mary Reynolds wrote the bull from heaven a fictional way of how they did away with this kind of human representationGilgamesh does this as well Ishtar chooses him for a bride groom will make him all powerful p86 Ho
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