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Sept 7December0812951 PM Romancereferring to the languages developed from RomeoOriginally chivalric tales emerging in medieval EuropeoFirst really popular tales told in the street languagesGawain author wrote in Old FrenchoClassified by critics as romaunces or fakey romannot the language of the empirePoor indications of real literatureRetained the core of the knightlady love story 2 strains of fiction romance being the oldest and realismoFew are only one or the other Romance makes up most of our stories in the last hundred yearsQuest applies greatlySee definition on virtual campusScience fiction and action movies fantasy horror anime graphic novels superhero comics pornography Horror is romantic because it is not a series of events we expectImprobably and idealizedoUsually set somewhere idealized with idealized characters etcRealism relatively recent form of fiction crystallizing in the 19thC Victorian eraoPrivileged form of storytellingoften makes the critics list Individualism cued human rights debates in the 1700s Humanism during the RenaissanceRomanticismenvironmentalism psychology etc Insistence that originalityart is new RomanticoIt was the execution which mattered previouslySubjectivity is a Romantic idea as is ambition Romanticism incredibly invested in powerful emotionsGothic fiction strives to fit into this nicheoRomanticism and Gothic fiction sprung up in the same period Sublimitya feeling of aweoAwesome wonderful something that transcends us positively perfectoAs old as the GreeksoPopular in 18thC neoclassicismoTurned it into the awesome power of emotionoNature is particularly awesomeTsunami is a sublime eventoAnything that can crush us with its power draws us to itDeathoColossal and obscure and unknown Fall of absolute monarchiesSept 12September2912332 PM The NecromancerSeveral noblements experiences in the supernatural with one man who might be a scam artistThememoral superstition is dangerous opens us up to scam makes us vulnerable to confusionChristiannot suggesting there is no god gods domain is deathhumans should let go of this and remain virtuous and vigilantTeutholds humanitarian agendashowing mercy to the criminal story like FrankensteinoInfluenced heavily by Mary Shelley in this way ReviewSocial unrestunstable society among people who want human rightsoCalling out for humanitarian reformoShowing the unrest of the upper classesFrench Revolutionliterature of anxietyTeuthold wants reform esp not in favour of capital punishmentlawsGothic vs Horrornot quite synonymous but overlappingGothic fiction has particular featuresoDarkness supernatural death pathetic fallacy isolation religion images of decay bandits mobs entrapmentconfinement the image of a person in flight etcoAs it applies to the Necromancer supernatural haunted houses mysteriousextinguished lights entrapment lords at the castle banditssocial unrest old booksparchmentFirst Gothic novel The Castle of Otronto Horace Walpole 1764A wicked prince will do anything for an heirSubtitle A Gothic StoryoGothic meaning a style of architecture from the medieval eraoMedieval less educated less refined barbaric and oldfashionedoThe Goths northern European tribes esp Germanic considered barbaric by the RomansWritten to resist Enlightenment valuesoRationality is boringrestrictiveoNeoclassicismsymmetry and order ration and science EnlightenmentDistrust of passionemotionsWalpole challenges this writes about the ugly thingsMedieval obsessiveSyncretic art form made up of other art formsSept 14September1412913 AM Notes from before I got thereNew interest in folklore in the 1700soEarliest form of narrativeoBecame written downoScience is the driving force behind it Folklore elementsoOne dimensional characters archetypesoPoetic justiceoUtter despairoGerman black forestoThings happen in threes Volkertmagical hermit Sensibilityanother major influence in Gothic literatureoPage 6 Necromancer overemotionalDeep feelings for each otherLots of tears weeping faintingLack of female interestSensibility of Volkerts educationp 166cocriminaltoo refined to watch the Dane 4th Major Influence The Oriental TaleArabian Knights translated in EnglishOther tales in Persian Turkish etcWritten about the Middle East different customs A lot of description of rich things lavish possessions excess and luxuryMagical and thrilling eventsPoetic justiceStrange for the EnglishByzantine Turkeyconfusing or intricateoNecromancer is deliberately confusingoThe Rcitone anecdote told to anotherThe naming or lack of naming people and placesoProtect the anonymityoMakes it more confusingTeuthold wants to confuse the reader
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