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Nov 15Whitman in Vol 1 Preface to Leaves of Grass Song of MyselfScarlett continuedHawthornedont go about the way Dimmesdale didhurts people around themEmerson pg 550 Poet poets are able to get a better perceptionsharper eyesightsthey can get to the heart ofthings better than a non poetthe poet is an average person with better eyeswith their sharper vision they are able to open to their ideas to non poetspg 552the poet is the sayer and the namer and represents the beautypoet to help others to see bettersharper visionthe poet has another skillcraft universe for ussharper imagery that we see as blurryreality being recreated for us sayer and the namerAlmost godlike powerswhat he means that the poet stands in centreas the poet writes poetry the universe is created Expandedits like he creates the universe for uspoetry was all written before time waswhere the air was musicgo out and try to be connected to nature as much as possiblefind god through naturepoetry and nature is similarthe truths of the universefind god through poetrythrough poetry we can come to truths of reality and the universelearn things that will be a value to this worldWhitman says this is what America needs cuzthey havent craftedWhitman said hell take a shotEmerson was happy to read Whitmans materialhe sent a letter congratulating him 1855 Whitmanself promotingsmart for doing what he didslipped Emersons letter in his bookEmerson said form mattersWhitman disagreeshe didnt care about rhythm and metres and stanzas Whitman breaks the poem into sections and numerateshe wants to be free more than emerson is allowingWhitmanfree verse poetry but not we technically call free verseThe line of poetry for Whitman is an ideaeach lineideasome longer some shorterindented line is suppose to be continuation of the line beforeWhitman start to an end Contentwhitman and emersonneed to create a national poetrymust reject all restrictions that were restricted on poetrystop doing things in European waysthey both say theres a problem in poetic tradition that isnt going to translate well in AmericaElitistPoet is suppose to be the man of the peoplecommon wealthaverage but a part of the societywhats true democracyequality and freedom equality bringing ppl into poetryfreedomhuman soulwants to bring body backWhitman says he is a body and a soula body is a bad thing a soul is a good thingbut they say they need to celebrate the body Whitman feels that celebrating the body is sexualitysexual aspects11th section pg 1018they are being spied uponyoung woman watching these mendouble voyageurismwatching her watching themthe young men float on their back Whitman is not allowing types of sexuality to be tabooed Whitman no matter what sexualitythe potential for a variety of sexualities to be indulged inhis poem is not the accepted sexemerson uncomfortableif poetry is used to show realities and truths of the universeWhitman thinks hes succeeding Jingoismwhy does Whitman think America is the bestGreatest poem of the worldwhat makes it soDemocracyWhat is the relationship between individual and community Song of MyselfSong of a requestexplanation to demonstrationto try to make emerson a little sharperto sharper even further he does so in the questing poemWhy is there somewhat of a formsections 5252 weeks in a yearpg 998 love the earth and sun and animalsdespise richesstand up to the stupid and crazy have patience and indulgence to other ppl read these leaves in the open air 52 sections to read each week of the yearstart over againread his poem for the rest of your life and it will make sense to youmaterialistic sidewhitman wants people to go out and buy his book againintroduces as a questwent down a path and explained itpoets job to sharpen our eyesThe idea ishe has done the quest waiting for others to have their eyes openif everyone reads it they will have known the answers to the universeWhitman lays out an argumentEssay in poetryEssay on poetry
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