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Jacobean Shakespeare Exam Passages.docx

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University of Ottawa

JacobeanShakespeareExamPassages1Alas alasWhy all the souls that were forfeit once And He that might the vantage best have tookFound out the remedy How would you beIf He which is the top of judgement shouldBut judge you as you are O think on thatAnd mercy then will breathe within your lipsLike man new madeMeasure for Measure Act 2 Scene 2Isabella to AngelloIsabella novice nunAngelo rules in Dukes absence Claudio Isabellas brotherClaudio breaks law when he marries Juliet and is sentenced to executionIsabella pleads for Angelo to save himAngelo harbours lustful feelings for Isabella so offers Claudios freedom for her virginity but she refuses as a novice nunPassage is Isabella pleading with Angelo to put himself in Claudios position and have mercy on him2Our revels no are ended These our actorsAs I foretold you were all spirits andAre melted into air into thin airAnd like the baseless fabric of this visionThe cloud cappd towers the gorgeous palacesThe solemn temples the great globe itselfYea all which it inherit shall dissolveAnd like the insubstantial pageant fadedLeave not a rack behind We are such stuffAs dreams are made on and our little lifeIs rounded with sleep The Tempest Act 4 Scene 1Prospero to FerdinandProspero main character overthrown Duke of Milan now lives as great sorcerer on an islandFerdinand son of the King of Naples who aided in overthrowing of Prospero in love with Prosperos daughter MirandaThis is Prosperos realization of real life as he remembers the plot against himEmphasizes beauty of the world he has created for himself and sadness of the fact that this world is essentially a dreamGreat Globe suggests the Globe theatre and that the audience will return the real world when the play is over just as Prospero will return to the real world once he gives up his powers3I follow him to serve my turn upon himWe cannot all be masters nor all mastersCannot be truly followed You shall markMany a duteous and kneecrooking knaveThat doting on his own obsequious bondageWears out his time much like his masters assFor naught but provender and when hes old cashieredWhip me such honest knaves Others there areWho trimmed in forms and visages of dutyKeep yet their hearts attending on themselvesAnd throwing but shows of service on their lordsDo well thrive by them And when they have lined their coatsDo themselves homage These fellows have some soulAnd such a one do I profess myself For sirIt is as sure as you are RoderigoWere I the Moor I would not be IagoIn following him I follow but myselfHeaven is my judge not I for love and dutyBut seeming so for my peculiar endFor when my outward action doth demonstrate
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