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thENG3339C16centurylitthJanuary 9 2012Time in which we go from a few select to more authors and poets Educational project English nation states is deeply committedhumanist Humanism was educational project based on the recovery of classical culture Classical culture more scholarly vigour and revived and cleansed Latin literature became a new touchstone for excellence Flourished in the schools and then more videly in the course of England Was meant to fashion a gentlemen in the service of the state to make people into useful active virtues servant of the emergent states Spenser Early 1500s shift of power in the crown 1400s the nation has been racked by civil wars New national political center Wyatt poetry 1Question and answer It seems like everything is in balance Orients us to after disorient us Question that seemed answered is reopened in the second line Goes from seeming an expert or a God to someone who has failed Opposition and contradiction on the final line Bitterness hope frustration of the poets position Petrarch 2How do the 2 poems differ There is no failure in this one until the end Failure seems destined to happen but never gave up Feeling differs as a pleasure in Petrarch Metaphors Wyatt ends the octave with a metaphor immaterial of his quest futility Petrarch gives us simile at the end same futility but in different order Spenser 3Attempt to correct the Petrarchan example Wyatt 4Marshall imagery military Element of invasion Not something that is will but something that happens Expands the visualisation that is going from the camp into the forest Petrarch does not do this Abject situation Petrarch 5Pain is emphasised In here that is not emphasised in Wyatt Confident Surrey 6Known Wyatts version but turns to Petrarchs had agency at one point Shows the woman smiling at him and the 2 others never show this He is blaminglords guilt and he is getting blamed It is always someone elses fault Wyatt is a poet for whom courtship means the great That courtship may be political courtship But it may also be the erotic courtshipsomeone courting someone else dating How far this erotic and political courtship overlap between public and private life are being blurred here Interconnection between the 2 th January 11 2012SkeltonLiterary production is in English and Latin Skeltonics insistent rhymes which he uses hip hop or rap in our times 11Sense of poet in fine form Celebrating what is so compelling in the mistress and offering this cheerful performance to what is admired in her This poem remind us of how low the poetry was at the time Affirmative aspect difficult to understand unless we picture them acted or spoken 9This is a poem in which we meet not with a single voice but with 2 voices a mans and a womans the relationship between them is the learning clerk seducing the maid Shes picked up on some sort of classical phrase letting her speak more than she knows Contrast between going off and the distinction of that and the vale Starts with a seductive line go watch a bull go take his sexuality barn yard like someone else she doesnt want anything with him Nasty rhythm of human living She is resisting to be frompill The last stanza the tragedy unfolds Sense the vitality of the tradition in which Skelton was working in drawing freely on the inheritance 12Falcon is what is most noble An aristocratic the royal attributeSounds so simple Reference to the fair Isaphillrefers to classical Wyatt Wyatt erotic poetry and his political poetry share a great deal and are at times undistinguishable There is a deep insecurity in both of these kinds of poetry In each case Wyatt is a worried man about the shifting uncertainty the unknown world in which he tries to manure His father was a loyal servant Wyatt had it all going for him But he is stuck in a continual crisis Captures our imagination Erotic element fundamental thing is that finding himself in this state of anxiety of love or desire Wyatt seeks the consolation He discovers that the cure is as bad as the disease 15 The form is a ballade French form being imported in EnglishStarts with political anxiety and political regret Erotic relationships might slip into political one Line 7 so much of life can seem caught up Sets these moments of erotic fulfullment against that busy world of continuous change nd2 stanza sense of female agency and independence in this erotic transaction rd3 stanza question revisited in the final couplet Irony who wants death to be kind in such a way on the other sense of kindthings being of the same kind He and she are of the same kind Wyatt takes us into a shifting world where erotic and political legacy 6 p 133Rondeau use of the third person IT which he keeps returning in the course of the poem as a mystery rolling aroundIt is the rhythm of time in the first stanza Irony in the world heartly How can you pray someone hertely closed loop of meaning 1 p129The anxiety of courtshipwhat is the reation between a shifting world of sin What is the role of languageOf what use of the truth or what is it that hides the truth 2 different meanings of the first sentence Should he be a plain truth speaker Or should he temporize flatter and use language in a more round about ways
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