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Politicalmiddle ages and 1400s England had suffered certain periods of time where England could not be thought of as a unitary state bitter civil warsLate 1400s under threat of violence but also out of relief embracing the government emergence of henry the seventh first in the house of tudor won over from richard the third Tudor rule lasted until the early seventeenth centuryCentralizationkey political fact of late 15th and early 16th english government with this came enormous increase in power wealth and controls and the central core culture based in londonLondon central stage of culture and politics in englandhenry 7th and 8th acheived a fusion of the english politics draw on many resources culturally available to support the new tudor stategathering and concentrating political financial and cultural resources of early modern englandRenaissance14th centruy italy acheived a new perspective especially on the classical past and see the examples of ancient rome and greece as capable of supplying valuable instruction politically culturally to modern times as it wereFresh investment in learning about the classical past and publishing its texts Emergence of print late 1400s and 1500s powerfully accelerates a new learning foccused some part in old thingsHumanism educational programed to design more skillful latin trained class of persons who were meant to be civil servants Educational system set to foster people More sophisticated class more learned public serventsCiserorediscovering classical poets virgil ovid Means of affording england more international power and prestige Reign of henry the 7th it is slow to take off but with henry the 8th it takes off Wyatt is a classic example of someone who benefits able to promote his kings cause on the continent and seas and foreign diplomatic travelsdesigned to activate you as a public servant englands greatness could be promoted internationally and at homeProtestant reformation1509 henry the 8th roman catholic king fails to get an heir with catherin of aragon finds fault with her she had been married to his brother who died etc Henry believed that the marriage had been consumated so it was a blight on his marriage from marrying his brothers wife Anne boleyn Etc1530sthe supreme head of the church not the pope but henry the eighth himself he was slowly drawn further to an increasing acceptance of an embrace with the new protestant religionInsistance that the english church is a seperate entity in no way to be compromised by roman catholicism Extreme divideThree of the major radical developments which england is seized more or less at the same time consequences reach down to our own time Major factors in turning england from a little island into the imperial nation that emerges especially in later 16 and 17 hundreds Dominant global forceSir Thomas Wyattcomonalitis of emotion and experience not just his time but centuries sincefather successful state servant commited him to the cause of henry the 7th The wyatt families fortunes closely linked to the ruling house of tudortough and effective administrator what henry the 7th needed in the last 15 years of the 1400ssir thomas wyatt his son is very different Has his fathers toughness Diplomatic missions subterfuges Great struggles between continetaly powers he was often involved sustaining the english niterest Toughness served him wellwyatt also has an extrordinary frankness plainness of speaking boldness in his speech Seems hard to reocncile with the kinds of secrecy we associate with a diplomat career ad the tact Competing preassures on wyatt issuing harrowing stress Becomes a good friend of henry the 8thbit like having a wolverine for a pet wyatt has some very close callsGood education and lasting exposure to italy and to france Wonderfully quick to pick up on the poetic potentials The sonnetwyat brings it into english use very lastingly and influentiallyThey Fle From Medraws on french formrime royal like chaucer Wyatt uses it with skill assembling three into the ballad
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