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Victorian Literature Tuesday October 16 2012Dracula Miscegenationwhat does this word mean This has nothing to do with this courseDecember 17 at 2 pm exam Macdonald 146 Stoker isnt an author part of literary history like dickens Stoker himself was kind of stuck under irvings tyrannical rule lolThe novel was a great success It kept in circulation through the visual media Kind of like jeckyl and hydeIts mostly read as a cultural symptom End of the century was seen as great cultural anxiety Psychosexual worry worry about imperial decline and invasion Now Britain has a lot of competitors and immigrants coming inAnthropological anxiety what does it mean to be human were not quite sure what it is to be human or not anymore This is a time with lots of cyburgs etcPart of gothic tradition Lots of mystery and incest and nasty things going on always set in remote areas or set in the past But what the sensation novelist did collins what they did was take these gothic themes of mystery and murder and bring it to the home space of England set in present here and now Dracula really does this to an extraordinary degree392Reviews 403 Theres a light tone in the reviews These creatures are so far yet there are affinities with us Lacks the tremor Story becomes more and more like a nightmare Dreamlike effectIts a highly textual and graphic physical scenes This is the sensation level This is the reading experiene he wanted to create
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