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University of Ottawa
Environmental Science

EVS 1101Lecture 1 thJanuary 8 2013Pop quizzes will be on Thursday NOT TuesdayCHAPTER 1Orange rocksindicates iron is present in the environment oIron exists in two oxidation statesferric or ferrous ironoWhen iron is oxidized it creates that orange coloroWhen its reduced we find it in the water not mineralBubbling mudis methaneOur Planetary SystemSmall terrestrial PlanetsSun Mercury Venus Earth MarsHuge ice or gaseous Planets outer planetsJupiter Saturn Uranus NeptuneSun has over 998 of the mass of the solar systemEarth is unique in that it has liquid water covering the bulk of its surface There was once water on marsPolar caps have solid CO2 and H20Some season variationWater on MarsDendritic drainage patterns are patterns found on mars that resemble water patterns on earth It suggests that water once flowed on MarsLife on EarthFossilized life forms were reported in 3435 billion year old rocksoFilament structures were thought to resemble microfossilized life but recently identified as being minerals bc these filament structures were able to be re produced through chemical proceduresHumans appeared 3544 million years ago
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