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Fossil FuelsHave you ever wondered what happened to the remains of prehistoric animals and plants Over the years their organic remains have formed into coal oil and gas and are used to generate electricity and power Hence the term fossil fuel was givenPetroleum or oil is easier to retrieve from the ground than coal Coal provides about 30 of Canadas energy while oil provides 40 Advantages toward fossil fuels are that they are able to generate very large amounts of electricity using only coal Transportation of oil and gas to power stations are fairly simple and require no struggle and these stations can be built anywhere On the other hand disadvantages are mainly pollution burning fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide gas and can lead to the greenhouse effect and global warming Out of the three resources for fossil fuels burning coal produces the most amounts of carbon dioxide as well as sulphur dioxide which can cause acid rain For environmentalist mining for these resources especially coal can destroy or damage the environment and landscapes For every dollar spent we are gener
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