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University of Ottawa
Environmental Studies

UNDERSTANDINGSTUDENTMEALCHOICESIDEASFORIMPROVINGONCAMPUSFOODSUSTAINABILITYDR SONIA WESCHENovember 18 2013AbstractStudents are generally known for going through rigorous school duties on a daily basis yet maintain a standard of health and wellbeing Too much stress however affects a students satisfaction may cause them to abandon some of their duties or wellbeing Can this be avoided For the most part yes but how is that possible Through certain methods and styles of leadership universities can devise strategies and techniques to guide their students to both success and sustainability For this reason the necessary question now becomes which food system best helps students overcome unsustainable behaviors The focus of this study was to thoroughly assess three scholarly articles that took in surveys from students and programs from highlyrated universities and compare results to trends found on campus Research showed that if the university becomes involved with student life personal satisfaction and health benefits are guaranteed as well as improving the sustainability movement This discovery thereby suggests that a school that promotes awareness through notices and educational services as well as intervene with oncampus vendors are more likely to produce stronger sustainability programs Additionally the data gathered from this project adds value to our understanding of how students and universities respond to each other on a personal level IntroductionMany students have attempted to engage in healthy living but how many have considered the campus as an efficient factor in sustainable development A key element that is often forgotten among undergraduates is the strength that a university has to support its members Although there are many different views and stigmas attached to types of nutrition a flow towards unhealthy snacking is quickly approaching According to a study conducted in the United States an estimated 26 of Caucasian and 50 of African American postsecondary students aged between 18 24 are either overweight or obese McArthur et al 2012 This 2
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