FEM 3106 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Heavily Indebted Poor Countries, Poverty Reduction, International Labour Organization

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Aid effectiveness: north-south partnerships based on ownership, alignment, harmonization, managing for development and mutual accountability. Millenium development goals (2000: mobilization of communities for eradication of poverty, focus on women and girls, gender equality and health. Similarities: development is a good project and a linear process, emphasis on industrialization and economic growth, reliance on development experts, western development experts direct third world development. There is a non-linear relationship between development and gender (source of gender inequality) Women are at risk in the (unequal) relationship. Women(cid:495)s diminished status: post-development factors: climate change, national, regional and international conflicts, terrorism, sudden price rises (food and oil, sudden economic change and structural adjustment policies. Lessons learned from development approach: division of labour by sex / gender, differential impact of development on men and women. Increased gender roles within the household: men(cid:495)s mobility higher than women(cid:495)s, women(cid:495)s double /triple burden of work.