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Film Studies
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CINFEB1the battleship potemkinththe first quiz is going to happen next weekthe 8 Do we have to learn all the terms No the definitions of the terms that he uses in class those that are written in red and hell usually actually say we need to learn it 46 definitions next week Not a difficult quiz Is the beginning of Russian montage editing Its important because like German expressionism Russian formalism was a challenge to Hollywoods film How similardifferent was this film to the conventional Hollywood narrative If you look at the overall style of the film its quite conventional Like cause and effect One event is going to occur that leads to another action etc The narrative unfolds This is the principle of the classic Hollywood narrative The film is quite conventionalThe difference between this and german exp Was that we dont have a classical hero that youd find in hollywood There is a hero but he dies very earlyThis means that this film is less based on individual actions and relies more on collective actions This is good since its a communist filmone that wants to promote communism More about the idea of the revolution Thats why the camera never lingers too long on the same character and focuses on different things The focus shifts This is very nonhollywood The one main difference in terms of motivation is the use of montagewhen the film directer chooses to experiment with two very different shots and puts them together and creates new meaning this way throws some
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