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CINJAN18watched the moon movie initiallyduring the sequences they used the set like a theatre stage where the actors had to follow a specific choreographyevery sequence was a long scene since they used the film until the end of the film strip each time There was no editing and theyd just put one sequence after another The editing is central and unique to filmmaking This is the prehistory the ancestor of editing Well see as we move along that editing will get sophisticated quite quicklyThe Prehistory of Cinemawhat happened before it was officially inventedFilmmaking relies on two fundamental technical aspects which ideas existed prior to the existence of cinema shooting film screeningbecause of the lack of recording devices before 1985 it was impossible to use these ideasCamera obscurathe principles were known as early as 400BCEThis is an optical device that projects an image on a screensurfaceled to the invention of photography without this traditional photography wouldnt have been invented Works a bit like a human eyea big hole in one side of the boxroom and light will go through the pinhole and strikes the surface of the opposite wall and the image will be reflected on the opposite wall and will be reproduced upside downththWas used in the 1716 century by painters would project and paint over it this is symptomatic of peoples willingness to produce movement on to a screenIn order to have a larger image reproduced or just of better quality its possible to use a lens and put it where the pinhole isShadow playshadow puppetryprojection of flat articulated figures on a screencreates an impression of moving humans or objectsstill used in many different cultures China Cambodia India Greece Nepal Turkey Franceit works you have a screen and behind the screen you have the puppt and behind the puppet you have a light source You have the shadow of the puppet being projected Call it a rear projection The idea of cinema is there but it isnt quite cinemanot the perfect idea of recreation but the movement is thereMagic LatternLaterna Magicathappeared in Persia in the 11 centuryancestor of slide projectors3 elements light source glass slide and a concave lens They had something that looked like a projector and they would pull a slide through the
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