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CINFEB8continuing from last weekShocks and contradictions conveyed through a conflictual editing and traditional narrative Sergei EisensteinFilm viewing is complexone type of editingshocks etc doesnt have the same affect on everyonerejection of traditional narrative Dziga Vertov sidenote in battleship the director was a fan of traditional narrativesKulechov EffectMontage specific to cinemathree identical shotsused those in combination with three other shots food corpse naked woman He asked people what they saw and they saw different expressions each timeThe filmmaker saw that what was producing reaction wasnt the shot itself but what the shot was paired with relies on the relationship between two different shots not the shot itself Here montage creates the actors expression as well as an imaginary time space and action It relies on the basic principle of montage which is very specific to the film mediumBy combining different shots a filmmaker can construct a time and space that did not exist beforeSpectators rely more on the place and the relation between shots than on the shots themselves For Koulechov two different spellings one French and one English rhythm was the real content of films rhythmic seque
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