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spent the first part of class handing out the testsneorealismfast forward to the second decadethe type of realism that we still kind of understand nowadaysafter the second world war most western countries began to question themselvesexistential crisis artists and such began to question to place and the role that people can play in every day lifewhat makes us human after what we did to ourselves after the war concentration campsItaly was close to Germany during the war and they started to question the role they playedtheir film industry was active before and Italy was in very bad shape and the film places in Rome were used as refugee campsand there was a new questionthe ideology and some specific economic and conditions encouraged people to create a new type of realism Italian neorealism Main goal was to stay away from Hollywood super heros etc They wanted to create a new type of protagonist and herosan everyday heroneorealist films start to focus on everyday people on stories that could happen to anybodythis had an impact on the visualsone of the main points that filmmakers wanted to mak
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