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University of Ottawa
General Engineering

Textbook optionalAnswer clear correct comprehensiveGrade5545Jan18Two sources of lawLegislationStatuteCodeActCommonLaw principles in past cases1 judgemade law2 precedent past cases are relevant to current decisions before the courtCriminal LawCharacteristics 1the victim of a crime doesnt bring the precedings doesnt start any court action Its the state bringing the wrong doer to The state brings the precedings2guilty of the crimedo not use guilty in law terminologyNo direct benefit to victimCivil LawThe victim directly bring the precedings1Liableliability for breach of contract liable for the legislation2Consists of Contract Law and Tort LawTort Law similar to criminal law Intentional Tortsunintentional TortsIntentional TortsDefamation An intentional Tort where the reputation of victim is damaged by untrue public statements may by the tortfeasorsomeone who committed the tortlibel when the form of communication is in writing newspapaerslander when the form of communication is verbalUnintentional Torts negligenceAt the end of question What liability in tort law arise from this factsgive hypothetic in unintentional tortsAWThis question raises issues of unintentional tortsnegligence explain the definition of tort To compensate the victim not punish the wrong doer provided fault is found26minPlantiff Defendant who is respond for the civil lawUse PlantiffDefendant in the initial of your answer then use the names given in the question
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