GEO 1111 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Guide: Crystal Habit, Ice Shelf, Coriolis Force

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GEO 1111 Full Course Notes
GEO 1111 Full Course Notes
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Slow - conduction: heat energy transmitted through solid by molecular vibrations. Fast convection: heat energy transmitted by density-driven fluid motion set up by the temperature gradient. Mantle is convection because mantle is very thick helps maintain that density imbalance, its poor in conducting heat, temperature contract between its bottom and top is substantial. Plate tectonic and mantle convection is likely to be driven by the plates themselves. Gravity acting on the hot, elevated spreading ridge pushes the lithospheric plate outward (ridge push) where gravity acting on cold dense, dewater sub ducting lithospheric plate pull the rest of the plate downwards to the mantle (slab pull) Earthquakes only occur in within the crust or upper mantle. Benioff zone: planar zone of seismicity associated with down going slab at subduction zone. Hotspots: places where mantle convections often occurs high activity. Seamounts: are older extinct volcanoes generated at spreading ridges or hotspots.