GEO 1111 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Feldspar, San Andreas Fault, Geothermal Gradient

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GEO 1111 Full Course Notes
GEO 1111 Full Course Notes
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Examines minerals composing the earth"s surface and the processes that operate: physical beneath and upon its surface, historical. Understand origin of the earth and its development. Scales of size and space also vary greatly among the phenomena that geologists study. Sometimes they deal with submicroscopic or features that are continental or in global scale. *geology is perceived as a science done outdoors so it is based on observations, measurements, and experiments conducted the field. Geology is the science that pursues an understanding of planet earth. Modern approach is to examine earth as a system: atmosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and cryoshpere. The nature of scientific inquiry; science assumes to world is consistent and predictable. Principle of uniformitarianism; the physical, chemical and biological laws that operate today, have also operated in the geological past. The forces and processes that we observe presently shaping our planet have been at work for a very long time.