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GEG 1301Geological Cycle and TectonicsChapter 1112Geologic Time ScaleEarth is 46 billion years oldMoon is 30 million years younger6 major species extinction occurred in earths life timeRelative timeoSequence of events based on the principle of superposition Older is at the base and younger at the topAbsolute timeoBased on radiometric dating radioactive isotopesEarths InteriorFormationAs earth solidified gravity sorted material by density Heavy substance slowly sunk to the center and lighter substances rose upward towards the surfaceEarth interior is sorted into concentric layers of chemical composition or temperatureHeat energy moves from the interior surface by conduction and convection in fluidplastic layersThe CoreInner CoreoSolid iron that is above melting point but high pressure cause it to remain solidOuter CoreoMolten lighter density ironoThe fluid outer core generates the earths magnetic field and the magnetosphere that protects the earth from comic radiationoIt has been recorded that the magnetic field in the past reversed The MantleCovers about 80 of earths volumeLower Mantle
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