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GEG3303Study NotesLecture 1IntroductionWhere you live affectsAccess to basic resources and opportunitiesHow you interact with othersExposures to hazardsriskThe treatment you getHealth varies across space all scalesInternationalRegionalUrbanruralNeighbourhoodFamiliesIndividualsDefining Health GeographyMedical geography uses the concepts and techniques ofgeographyto investigate healthrelated topicsdrawing freely from the facts concepts and techniques of other social physical and biological sciences medical geography is an integrative multistranded subdisciplineMeade et al 1988Health geographydeals with the interaction between people and the environment Health geography views health from a holistic perspective encompassing society and space and it conceptualizes the role of place location and geography in health wellbeing and disease Dummer 2008Whats in a nameMedical geography or health geographyDifference between location as spaceplaceLocation as spacegeometricfixed point on earths surface ex latitude distanceLocation as placewhen a location is given meaning feeling more flexibleHealth geographyDeals with interactions between people and environment physical social economicRole of space and placeHolistic perspective of health Aims to support informed decision makingWhat is healthAbsence of disease in medical termsComplete wellbeingoComplete physical social and emotional wellbeing not merely the absence of disease WHO1948A resource for everyday livingoEpp 1986Health for All Health CanadaWhat determines healthDisease EcologyWhere you live affects your healthEx John Snow discovers well causing cholera in EnglandRole of the built environmentWhat is around you in the environment can affect your healthoEx fast food restaurants green space clean air water resources etcAccess to healthcare travel timeProximity to and number of health care facilities available can affect healthTherapeutic LandscapesTherapeutic landscapes and First Nations peoplesNature restores it facilitates competence building it carries symbols that affirm the culture or self and it offers a pleasing diversionFinal wordsOur health and our geographies are inextricably linked Where we are born play live study and work directly influence our health experiences Gatrell 2001 Complex interaction of health related factorsHealth is much more than just the absence of diseaseNeed for a better understanding of the relationships to inform effective health policies and programsLecture 2Defining and Measuring HealthChanging Conceptions of HealthSanitasoorigin of sanitysanesanitationsanitaryHealthoGermanic rootswholeoOlde English haelth safe sound or wholeIllnessoillevilosign of sin possessionGreeks and RomansFocus on balancing the four humours blood phlegm yellow and black bilesHippocrates Airs Waters and PlacesWe must considerseasons winds temperaturewater
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