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Solar system Consists of sun planets asteroids and etc Our solar system is the milky way and we are on the end of a large spiral galaxy Geocentric Perspective 1Aristotle proposed a theory deeply motivated by the Church agenda stated that the Earth is the centre of the universe2Aristarchus challenged this theory since little spheres revolving around the Earth did not account for retrograde motionHe stated that the Sun was the centre of the universePtolemy planetsorbit in small circles epicyclestherefore more predictable retrograde motionCopernicus proposed that Mars was closest to Earth because it had the largest retrograde motion and Saturn having a smaller retrograde made it furthest Also proposed that sunrise and sunset occurs because of Earths spin on its axis Kepler1Law of Ellipses Every planet forms an ellipse which is an orbit with the sun as the focus2Law of Orbital Harmonythe square of the orbital in years is proportional to the cube of the planets avg distance from the sun Planet moves faster near the Sun so the same area is swept out in given time as at larger distances where the planet moves more slowly3Law of Equal Areas area from the planet to the sun represents time which are equalThe orbital velocity changes
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